Police Sexual Misconduct

Victims of police sexual misconduct are frequently also the individuals who are the most vulnerable members of our society.  Most victims of sexual misconduct are reluctant to come forward for a variety of reasons, including for fear of not being believed.  Reporting that they've been sexually victimized is a paralyzing thought for any victim, the power of the badge and/or presence of a service weapon serves to further silence victims. 

If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual misconduct by law enforcement you are not alone.  Despite data on sex crimes by police being nearly non-existent statistics show that dozens of officers are criminally charges for various sex crimes annually.

Lauer & Currie, P.A. representing victims of police sexual misconduct.

June 2014, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Two on-duty Lauderhill Officers conducted a traffic stop and held 2 women against their will.   The victims were subjected to rape, fondling, and forced oral sex at the threat of arrest.  

October 2015, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Criminal charges were filed against 2 former Lauderhill police officers stemming on the job sex crimes.  After one ex-cop violates the terms of his release he is placed on house arrest with an ankle monitor.  

September 2016